Our History

Clean Can Company, LLC dba Clean Can Co. is a Colorado small business based in Commerce City. Clean Can Co. was conceived in 2011 as an idea to address the health and odor related concerns of dirty trash, recycle, and compost cans. A small group of friends and family decided we’d had enough of dirty, smelly trash cans and wanted a once and for all solution that didn’t include a scrub brush, garden hose, and gallons of wasted water. Clean Can Co. is owned and operated by native Coloradans committed to being responsible stewards of our environment.

Eco-Friendly Trash Can Cleaning

Denver area residents and businesses now have an affordable and environmentally safe option for cleaning bacteria-laden and foul-smelling trash, recycle, and compost cans. Clean Can Co. provides mobile cleaning, sanitizing, and deodorizing services throughout the Denver Metro area using our self-contained automated equipment. Our customized equipment uses a minimal amount of water and reclaims the wastewater used in the cleaning process.

Talented and Experienced Team

Our dedicated team is comprised of talented individuals with years of experience in many industries such as sales, property management, logistics, and waste management. As parents, grandparents, and general consumers ourselves, we appreciate the high-level of service and integrity you expect.

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Clean Can Co.

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